It's normal to have questions about therapists and how they conduct their sessions. Here's a bit more info:

My office is located at 414-A Pettigru Street in Greenville, SC. The office building is located within the Pettigru historic district in downtown Greenville. Feel free to park on the street, or in the parking lot located behind the building. 

All of my services are self-pay. Please click here to read more about this out of pocket investment. 

Nope! I enjoy working with anxious adults and struggling families too. Read more about what types of therapy services I provide on my services page.

Booking a consultation is a great way to see if working with me feels comfortable and will be a good fit for you. It also helps me to see if I have the skill set to provide you with the type of help you are needing right now. When you request a consultation with me, I will send you a quick questionnaire to fill out before our consultation appointment time. This helps me to know if I need to have some referrals ready to give to you so I can help you get connected with a provider that might be more appropriate to meet your specific needs and goals.

Telehealth is a videoconferencing method that allows us to have a therapy session without you coming to my office in person. I use a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform to conduct these sessions. Before each session, I'll send you an invitation in your client portal, which is created when you become a client of mine. Things needed for a Telehealth therapy session: a computer, some headphones for added privacy, a private space, and yourself! Click here to read commonly asked questions about video sessions. 

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

Do you accept my insurance?

Do you only work with pregnant and postpartum women?

Do i have to book a consultation?

What is telehealth and how do Online sessions work?

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How many sessions can i expect to have?

Every person is different and it depends on the needs of an individual. Generally speaking, committing to 8-12 sessions is the number of sessions I notice that clients find the greatest transformation. I recommend that clients begin with weekly sessions for 8-12 weeks, then transition to bi-weekly or monthly sessions as needed. 

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414- A Pettigru Street, Greenville, SC 29601

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