I help new mothers learn to release stuck emotions that cause symptoms like depression, anxiety, racing and intrusive thoughts

I work with Moms who want to go deep.

My clients transform through letting go of limiting beliefs about themselves, motherhood, and what's possible

Greenville, South Carolina







online services are also available to non-local residents statewide in South Carolina

Maybe you've been to therapy before and it went something like this: you learned some coping skills, learned a little bit about yourself, and overall the experience was fine.

Now that you've begun your journey into motherhood, big emotions, big symptoms, and big questions are surfacing... and a "fine", average, run-of-the- mill, unexceptional therapy experience isn't going to cut it

You want to be better than just "normal" again

The highs of postpartum have been so high,  and the lows have been so low.

Your mind loops on the same set of disturbing, depressing, not-like-you thoughts

You notice a constant battle within you: trying stay engaged and present for your baby, while the other part of you is fighting what's going on in your mind.

You think there's something really wrong with you because of the content of your thoughts. You may have already diagnosed yourself with postpartum depression, anxiety, or ocd.

what if i told you that the content of your Racing, depressing, anxious, scary, or even obsessive thoughts is irrelevant?

Healing from symptoms like depression and anxiety means addressing the root cause: Stored emotion.

All that matters is your willingness to experience the emotions that lie beneath your thoughts.

I know what you're thinking: "Okay, but HOW do I release stored emotion?"
I'm so glad you asked. By asking this simple question, you're already on your way to letting it go.

You feel ready to experience the freedom that my method can help you access. You don't want feel like you're wasting any more time. 
You want out of your current emotional express - repress cycle.
The motherhood experience that you want and that you know is FOR YOU is available and waiting on you.

Oh, and by the way...there's nothing wrong with you.

what you 

find here


  • a cookie-cutter therapy experience

  • one-size-fits-all worksheets and coping skills that you could probably find online on your own anyway

  • a passive therapist who empathetically nods and agrees with everything you say

  • Pathologizing what you're going through

how you will 

 through working with me


  • You'll gain an understanding of the stress cycle and what's actually going on in your body

  • Learn WHY you're caught in what feels like a never-ending loop of distressing thoughts and feelings

  • Who you really are (spoiler alert: you are not your thoughts or your feelings)

  • Learn how to respond to each and every uncomfortable thought and feeling (so they don't dictate how you live your life) through a strategy that I created for women just like you

  • Learn how to allow and release emotion from your body

  • Discover the core fears and beliefs that have been holding you back from having the motherhood experience that is meant for you 
  • Learn and practice the necessary components of having a regulated nervous system

  • Create and set intentions for how you actually want to live 

  • Understand what it means to practice good mental health on a daily basis

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MORE ON How I help

How many times did you imagine yourself glowing, being grateful every second of your pregnancy, cradling your bump lovingly or holding your precious baby, being able to accomplish everything on your to-do list, clean your house, do your hair and makeup with baby in tow? Breastfeeding easily, lovingly connecting with your partner, your body "bouncing back" to pre-baby shape? Flawlessly and seamlessly going back to work, resuming your social life, and exhibiting a motherly sense of peacefulness 24/7?

It feels painful when we realize that reality doesn't match our expectations. We might feel angry, let down, and disappointed. Sometimes this can feel like grief and loss. 

Motherhood: it's the transition of all transitions. Our society tends to minimize the magnitude of the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual shifts that take place for women during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The expectation tends to look like this: have your baby, and look like nothing happened. Go back to work, and perform like nothing happened - actually, everything has happened and life is different now. You're different now. On top of that, you're feeling the heavy weight of responsibility on your shoulders. The worst part? No one really talks about this stuff.

During times of major transition, its normal to struggle when you're trying to adjust to all of the changes taking place. Pregnancy and postpartum are times of rapid change. Sometimes, old wounds resurface, or anxiety and depression rear their ugly heads. Trying to balance and cope with the emotional complexity and responsibilities of motherhood can feel lonely. You're longing for a sense of stability, peace, and confidence as you're taking on your new role. No matter how you are feeling in this moment, I want you to know that you are not alone. You can read more about common concerns that pop up during pregnancy and postpartum on my services page.
Now, on to the customary stuff you were probably expecting in this section: I'm a licensed marriage & family therapist with advanced training in perinatal mental health, I have a B.S. in Psychology from Wofford College, and a Master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Converse College. I'm a wife and a mother too - and you can always bring your baby to our sessions.

hi, I'm Susannah


You're here because you've finally decided that something needs to change. You've been riding the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood. Maybe it's been weeks or months since you found out about your pregnancy. Maybe you're 6 months or more postpartum and you're experiencing emotional changes so forcefully and rapidly that it scares you. Maybe you just brought your baby home from the hospital and you're finding that life is unfolding faster than you can handle. You're feeling depths of emotion that you've never experienced before. You don't feel like yourself. In fact, you feel so distant from the person you know yourself to be - asking yourself, "who am I? How did I get here?" It's hard to recognize yourself in the mirror.
I love helping pregnant and postpartum women during this unique time in their lives.

I want you to know that it will get better.

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You're still not sure how your family got to this place. You don't remember the last time everyone actually had a conversation with one another. It seems like everyone is leading separate lives, even though you're all under the same roof. The thought of talking about your family's junk to someone else seems daunting.
+ 75 minute sessions to allow for some real work
+ I don't take sides - the family's health and success is my goal 
+ Big families don't scare me (I come from a big one)
+ Together we'll figure out what the issues are - and what can be done to get your relationships back


Pregnancy and the postpartum period are times of rapid change. You're experiencing deeper  emotions that are difficult to cope with. Therapy can be helpful to process experiences, changes, and trapped emotions that keep you feeling stuck :
+ 55 minute sessions where we keep your goals our main focus because your time is valuable
+ I'm easily accessible, and my client portal makes it convenient and fast to manage appointments with me. Your baby is always welcome!
+ Out of office sessions: On a client by client basis, we may determine that in home sessions or walking sessions may be appropriate or desired given a client's health status or circumstance during pregnancy or postpartum. Please inquire about this service if interested.


Group therapy can be a great way to receive support in a setting where other women get what you're going through.
+ Pregnancy Group - appropriate for any stage of pregnancy
+ Postpartum Group - appropriate for women 0-1 year postpartum (babies 1 year and under welcome!)
+ Groups are intentionally small - 5-8 people maximum and run for 8 weeks
+ Groups will be open for enrollment seasonally (fall, winter, spring, and summer) and are an 8 week commitment



Pregnancy group  $100 per session/ 8 weeks

postpartum group $100 per session/ 8 weeks

75 minute Initial Intake $165

Weekly 55 minute sessions $150

90 minute Initial Intake $180

Weekly 75 minute sessions $165

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